The colors of November

2015 nov theo street fog color

When I picked up flowers from Wild Scallions Farm this week, I was blown away by the delicateness of the plants, the white anemone and the miniature purple and yellow flowers of linaria. It felt like spring yet, here we are, clearly seated in autumn. It is a time of rest and reserve for some plants. The hardy colored red and gold leaves carpet the ground and bits still hang from the trees.

Later that day, my son and I were taken by the incredible fog settling just as the sun was setting. There in the sunset, I could see it – all the colors in my bucket from Wild Scallions. The same pink as the snapdragons and the yellow of linaria’s petals. The delicate mixed in there with the bold, right before us in the fading sky.

2015 nov anemone bouquet

2015 nov leaves color sunset

2015 nov anemone pedestal

Fall blooms

2015 Nov 6th bouquet pink purple COLOR EDIT

Early November brought heirloom chrysanthemums, lisianthus and stock from Wild Scallions Farm. Such deep color and soft resilience when summer’s flowers have gone. I look forward to the hoop house flowers that the farmers have planned for this winter.

The leaves have fallen from the red and white oaks and frost has reached my dahlias this week. I’ll be digging up the tubers in the next few days. The camellias have busted out a show with the cooler nights. In preparation for spring, three bare root peonies went in the ground along with a carolina bush pea and purple love grass that I started from seed. A fragrant dianthus and two white liatris are also undercover.

2015 purple cosmo

Another look at late October’s delicate cosmos and the amaranth grown by a friend.

Transporting Beauty – A late September wedding.

2015 sept dahlia aweet annie pickup

We worked our first wedding last month! The whole process and day were magical. Here’s the first bushel of blooms that we picked up from Wild Scallions Farm. Buckets of dahlias, sweet annie and hyacinth bean!

2015 sept celia hat sweet annie

My daughter Celia, our dear friend Libby and I had the pleasure of working together for this special wedding.

2015 misty filed raindrops

Here we are on the way to Wild Hare Farm to pick up scented geraniums and dusty miller. The GPS lead us on the most stunning back roads. Our stops became more and more frequent as this was just outside our door.

2015 sept van doors open kids

2015 sept wild turkey field

On the same route as the wild turkeys.

2015 sept eagle barn celia motion dahlias

tire tracks road

Quiet country roads and the soft rain framed our day.

2015 sept celia taking pics


Forget me nots and celosia from Flower Farmer Dan with a pink dahlia from Wild Scallions.

2015 sept porch interior door

Getting all set up.

2015 sept flowers thru screens

Taking a step back to take it in. Looking through the screens. All this beauty grown less than 30 miles from the wedding.

2015 sept flowers porch floor

Cafe au lait dahlias, beautyberry from a neighbor and foraged goldenrod.

2015 sept dahlia marble snippets

2015 sept libby making boutonierres

Libby assembling the boutonnieres. All the greenery for these came from her farm, Frog Pond Farm. A very special touch.

2015 katie rose head piece

The finished floral head piece for the bride. Forget-me-nots, camellia branches, dahlia and snakeroot flowers.

2015 sept crates of flowers

2015 sept truck loaded

Truck loaded!

2015 sept bundle of bridesmaid bouquets

Ready for the bridesmaids!

2015 sept katie rose and don

Extending the warmest congratulations to Katie Rose and Don!

2015 sept katie rose bride bouquet

The bride’s bouquet with foraged boneset, native wisteria and lisianthus from Bluebird Meadows Farm.

2015 sept wedding purple dahlia milkglass

Purple dahlias, sweet Annie and native hibiscus pods in one of the many vases from Blue Moon Estate Sales of Orange, Chatham and Durham County.

2015 sept boutonierre

Verbena, rosemary and juniper tucked into a fig leaf with lamb’s ear, all from Frog Pond Farm.

2015 bridesmaid bouquet 2

Late September blooms for the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Sweet annie and rose scented geranium folded in texture and fragrance. My neighbor graciously brought over buckets of perilla (shiso) from her garden. The burgundy and green leaves suited the bouquets and arrangements beautifully and I was so taken by her support. Thank you Maryska!

2015 sept trophy foxglove gardens

The gardens and rain provided the most beautiful backdrop for the wedding. And one farmer shared this solitary foxglove bloom just for the occasion.

2015 sept kr back head piece

2015 sept bridesmaid bouquet 2

2015 sept waterfall bouquet orange

One of the many table arrangements. We worked from a variety of vases. Glass, metal, milk glass and white. Each table was unique.

2015 bouquet table set up at the ready crop

Katie Rose asked that we share her flowers after the reception. She wanted others to enjoy them, as well.  We handed them to friends, neighbors and assisted living/rehab facilities.