Picked up this smashing combination of blooms from Renee at Wild Scallions Farm.  Peonies, Ninebark + Snapdragons.  In early spring, my dear friend and inspiration, Susan, shared Columbine plants from her garden with me.  They settled in and opened in white and purple!  I’m completely taken with them.  I added a bit of the white Columbines to this arrangement.

2016 May peony bouquet door RESIZE2016 May columbine closeup

The right kind of winter blue

My Grandad’s enamel coffee pot accompanied him on his special fishing trips.  He always lit up talking about these outings.  Somewhere there’s a super 8 of he and his friends laughing, reveling in their day on the water with the sun over their shoulders.

2016 jan quince paperwhite poppy blue can

These Icelandic poppies are like a shot of sun.  To coax some of these winter beauties, Alice of Bluebird Meadows Farm had to individually open their pods. When I picked them up, they resembled the wrinkled wings of a newly emerged butterfly.  The fragrant paperwhites and stock from Wild Scallions Farm are exquisite. You can tell so much care is taken to bring them in January.

2016 jan paperwhite poppy yellow

2016 jan bouquet field closeup

Off to pick up the flowers!

I love driving out to the growers and picking up the flowers each week.  It’s refreshing to take the back roads and see all that lies just beyond the familiar cityscape of home.


My daughter caught this moment as we were driving back from Wild Scallions Farm late one afternoon.



On one drive, I pulled off the side of the road to admire a white horse.  He was standing in the late day golden light back by the barn.  When I approached the fence, he steadily ran up to greet me.  Much to my surprise, he reached out for a pet.  I look for him now every week as I drive by and day dream of surprising him with an apple and getting to pet him again.




In a downpour that brought flash flood alerts sounding from my phone, I encountered a field full of sea gulls.



And on one visit, a free antique couch.




Until next week….









Orchids on Display

2015 nov orchid magnified

In November, I stopped by Duke Gardens for the Triangle Orchid Society show.  It was pretty spectacular.

2015 nov orchid show crowd

2015 nov orchid display yellow

Against black backdrops sat constructed worlds of color, texture and movement. The room was transformed. It was only two months ago that we were placing the flowers for a wedding here.

2015 orchid show display

For Fullsteam’s weekly arrangement, I picked up fuschia and white anemones from Wild Scallions Farm.  Their vibrant colors reminded me of the orchid show and the spurred, lipped flowers of linaria seemed to replay the orchid’s shapes.  From my yard, I gathered mahonia flowers, honeysuckle vine, nandina and camellia branches, and the seed pod’s of culver’s root.

2015 anemones mahonia full display


2015 nov anemone mahonia