Off to pick up the flowers!

I love driving out to the growers and picking up the flowers each week.  It’s refreshing to take the back roads and see all that lies just beyond the familiar cityscape of home.


My daughter caught this moment as we were driving back from Wild Scallions Farm late one afternoon.



On one drive, I pulled off the side of the road to admire a white horse.  He was standing in the late day golden light back by the barn.  When I approached the fence, he steadily ran up to greet me.  Much to my surprise, he reached out for a pet.  I look for him now every week as I drive by and day dream of surprising him with an apple and getting to pet him again.




In a downpour that brought flash flood alerts sounding from my phone, I encountered a field full of sea gulls.



And on one visit, a free antique couch.




Until next week….