Orchids on Display

2015 nov orchid magnified

In November, I stopped by Duke Gardens for the Triangle Orchid Society show.  It was pretty spectacular.

2015 nov orchid show crowd

2015 nov orchid display yellow

Against black backdrops sat constructed worlds of color, texture and movement. The room was transformed. It was only two months ago that we were placing the flowers for a wedding here.

2015 orchid show display

For Fullsteam’s weekly arrangement, I picked up fuschia and white anemones from Wild Scallions Farm.  Their vibrant colors reminded me of the orchid show and the spurred, lipped flowers of linaria seemed to replay the orchid’s shapes.  From my yard, I gathered mahonia flowers, honeysuckle vine, nandina and camellia branches, and the seed pod’s of culver’s root.

2015 anemones mahonia full display


2015 nov anemone mahonia