The colors of November

2015 nov theo street fog color

When I picked up flowers from Wild Scallions Farm this week, I was blown away by the delicateness of the plants, the white anemone and the miniature purple and yellow flowers of linaria. It felt like spring yet, here we are, clearly seated in autumn. It is a time of rest and reserve for some plants. The hardy colored red and gold leaves carpet the ground and bits still hang from the trees.

Later that day, my son and I were taken by the incredible fog settling just as the sun was setting. There in the sunset, I could see it – all the colors in my bucket from Wild Scallions. The same pink as the snapdragons and the yellow of linaria’s petals. The delicate mixed in there with the bold, right before us in the fading sky.

2015 nov anemone bouquet

2015 nov leaves color sunset

2015 nov anemone pedestal